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Ring Gages; Fixed VS Adjustable.


Sent: Monday, May 5, 2005
Subject: Fixed and Adjustable Ring Gage Question

Dear Tech @ Vermont Gage,
As part of our incoming inspection, we need to verify that our stud supplier delivers correct parts, that the thread is correct. Therefore, we would be interested in your GO/NO GO set for M8.0 x 1.25 gages. But before we send any orders, I would appreciate if you could answer the following (naive) questions.
I need to understand if your gages are fixed or adjustable? Is it custom here in the US to use adjustable gages? Coming from Europe, I thought this would not be "legal" in the sense that no adjustable gages can be certified over there. Can an A2LA calibration laboratory certify an adjustable gage?
Kind regards,
Engineering Manager

Reply from Vermont Gage Technical Support

The design of US Metric Thread Ring blanks, (ASME B47.1M), & finished gage specifications, (ASME B1.13M), advise the use of Adjustable Rings. Solid Rings & Adjustable Rings are availible in the US. The Adjustable is considered standard stock & the Solid Rings are custom make items. Either Ring may be inspected by any gage lab with certification to ISO 17025. A2LA is a lab inspection body that certifies if a lab meets the criteria of the ISO 17025 or other applicable standards.
Anyone can contact us for assistance in determining which ring best fits their need.